Kettle Corn of Michigan, Inc.

About Us

We started in business in 1997 with Kettle Corn and only worked on weekends.  For the past twenty years we have developed over 25 flavors of popcorn.  Some were good and some were not.  We only make Kettle Corn when requested.  We replaced Kettle Corn with European Sweet Corn which is sold in movie theaters in Europe.  It has a unique taste similar to Kettle Corn but much lighter.  It melts in your mouth.

We are committed to providing quality products and service to our customers and our community. We believe that our reputation as an honest and reliable business is part of the recipe for success along with consistent service and gourmet quality popcorn.

Kettle Corn of Michigan, Inc. is veteran Owned.  We give back to our community and part of our profits go to the poor and food banks.  We also support animal shelters.  We help schools and service organizations to make money with our popcorn.

We are proud to be a vendor for The Henry Ford - Greenfield Village.

For more information, send us a request through our Contact Us page, or call (734) 307-5748.

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