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If you are looking for gourmet flavored popcorn you found the right site. 

Our Kettle Corn is a wholesome, delicate and crunchy all-natural non GMO snack . When we pop corn, we make it crispy, slightly sweet and lightly salted. It is a delicious snack for kids and adults.  We use the highest quality ingredients and cook in stainless steel kettles. We offer 15 flavors in our online store.

You can buy Our Kettle Corn online or at local farmer’s markets, fairs, and events around the Southeastern Michigan area.  We pop for all the special events at The Henry Ford Greenfield Village.  We know you'll love our Kettle Corn! If you can't find us yet, locally, just place an order online or call us and we'll ship out a fresh supply of delicious Kettle Corn to your home or office today! Check the "Find Us" calendar to locate us at an event near you.

We also make a sugar free version!

Mail Address:
Kettle Corn of Michigan, Inc.
2050 22nd Street 
Wyandotte, MI  48192

(734) 282-1953

(313) 401-3349 Marcos 

(734) 307-5748

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