Kettle Corn of Michigan, Inc.


We provide a variety of gourmet flavors for you:

        Kettle Corn

        Natural Carmel (No Salt) 

        Sea Salt Carmel      

        Carmel Apple  

        Pure Michigan (Kettle Corn, Carmel & Cheese Mix)

        Vanilla Cinnamon Popcorn (Special Order)      

        Chocolate Popcorn 

        Cherry Berry Popcorn     

        Confetti Popcorn     

        Double Cheese & Garlic Popcorn    

        French Butter Popcorn   

        Old Time Baseball Popcorn     

        Splenda Popcorn   (Special Order)   

        Cajun Popcorn

        Jalapeno & Cheese Popcorn   

        Nacho & Cheese Popcorn

        Cheese Popcorn       

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